Marshall, Virginia, United States

Ancient problems,

modern solutions


Competition items factor in a shooter’s experience, ability, and any other factor we can identify to insure their gun is matched properly.  Above a certain level, the fine mechanics have to be defined by the shooter to eliminate all else but their performance. There are also times the guns are not the issue and in those times I have been able to help some shooters identify issues to be corrected.  What I offer is more than assembling a firearm.

Over the years I have been able to refine my own style and what I seek to build.

Primarily 1911’s are what most clients commission.  I am fond of the Hi Power and CZ pistols as well for customization in competition or personal carry.  Black guns are excellent choices for many people, and they have their own flare of what is needed or how they tend to be modified for a client.  In addition, I support building on the AR platform and I can also build a range of bolt action rifles for various needs.

First and foremost, I expect my guns to be used, not sock queens.

I look for balance and clean lines. Function is paramount while I do not chase the Mall Ninja trends. I have migrated over time to use heavy stippling versus checkering to insure a firm purchase on the grip in any condition.  Heinie sights are my preference, but I am open to any style of sight a client may choose.  Trigger weight does not need to be light per se, but it must be clean . I use the best quality components and all work is performed in my shop.

I build custom guns for the individual, not custom production for the masses.

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