Marshall, Virginia, United States

Kevin Greeley

Richard Crawford


Greeley custom

projectile delivery systems

I have a broad range of shooting knowledge, having played most of the shooting games.

I started shooting IPSC at a local club in Northern Florida in the late 1980's.  It did not take long to get hooked and not much longer to become interested in the equipment and what was needed for competition.  Early on, I was fortunate to meet Richard Crawford.  Unfortunate for him that I pestered him until he allowed me to apprentice in his shop and eventually adopt me as his son.  For over fifteen years I swept the floors in his shop and attempted to learn all that I could about shooting, equipment, and life in general.

​For those of you who know of him, Richard Crawford's reputation and innovation are well respected by all of the "Old School" gunsmiths we have read about for decades.

Richard was a founding member of IPSC in the United States, and wrote the rule book for Bianchi, now called NRA Action.  He was also the 63rd member of the Bullseye 2650 club, a member of the 2675 club, a Pan American Gold Medalist (multiple), and a member of the 1976 United States Olympic Team for Freepistol. 1935-2017